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The Defiant Hoop

Sterling Silver Hoop Earrings


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With its striking silhouette and invisible hinge, Designer Alice Cicolini’s Defiant Hoop is a hoop with an edge. A hand-finished knife edge, to be exact. And its modest scale makes it perfectly sized for everyday wear. 

Earring measures 22mm in diameter.


Stering Silver
Cast signature alloy made with 100% reclaimed silver and presented in its warm, natural state

Care & storage

To keep your Cast jewelry looking its best for years to come, please follow our Product Care instructions for the metals, gemstones, and materials used in your piece.

The Defiant Hoop

The Details

Portrait of Alice Cicolini. She has sandy brown hair that goes past her shoulders. She is wearing a gold chain necklace and a black sleeveless top. She is light eyed and fair skinned.
In the Studio With

Alice Cicolini

London-based designer Alice Cicolini is an icon and storyteller at heart. Not only a jeweler, she’s a creative commissioner, art curator, and collaborator of some of the most innovative artists in the world. With a uniquely English spirit, she brings her passion for craft and artistry into every one of her pieces, creating bold, modern jewelry that honors the beauty and tradition of the past.


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