About us

At Cast, we believe in the power of collaboration, that collective strength makes us all shine brighter.

Rachel Skelly is Cast’s founder and Chief Creative Officer. Rachel is a seasoned entrepreneur with a knack for entering established categories and shaking things up. She modernized and transformed vitamins and baby food with the introductions of Olly and Plum Organics. And now Rachel is applying her brand and product-making-magic to one of the oldest industries in the world. Jewelry combines her life-long love of storytelling, design, and art. And it’s in her blood. Her grandfather was an avid rockhound and gemologist, and she spent many childhood days in his shop surrounded by cases filled with gems, jewelry, and all sorts of shiny things.

Eric Ryan is Cast’s founding investor and successful three-time founder of Method, Olly, and Welly. He now focuses on advising, coaching and investing in the next wave of brand creators and industry disruptors — like Rachel. The two are long-time friends and colleagues, so when she sparked to the idea of jewelry and shared her passion, Eric knew they’d struck gold. Her vision paired with his strategic business building skills make a perfect pair.

Together, they aim to make the experience of discovering and shopping for fine jewelry as delightful as wearing it.

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