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The Mini Fluid Hoop


Sterling Silver Huggie Hoop Earrings


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Designer Kristy Ford shaped the classic hoop into something provocative, even at a smaller scale. The Mini Fluid Hoop draws the eye with its curve and then reveals its true depth. It's almost sculptural. Almost as if the metal had formed itself into exactly what it wanted to be.

Earring length is 15mm. Earring width is 10mm.  


Sterling Silver
Cast signature alloy made with 100% recycled silver and presented in its warm, natural state

Care & storage

To keep your Cast jewelry looking its best for years to come, please follow our Product Care instructions for the metals, gemstones, and materials used in your piece.

The Mini Fluid Hoop

The Details

Portrait of Kristy Ford. She is smiling and sitting playfully on a workdesk showing off some of her chain peices in her hand. She has light eyes, fair skin, and shoulder-length brown hair. She is earing an orchard yellow silk top and black pants.
In the Studio With

Kristy Ford

For third generation jewelry designer and goldsmith, Kristy Ford, a change in perception changed the course of her career. She realized she wasn't just repairing or designing jewelry, she was making and preserving memories. Suddenly every piece she created held more meaning. This passion — and her unwavering attention to detail — can be felt in every one of her designs.


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