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The Pop Stud


Sterling Silver & 14K Gold Stud Earrings With Ceramic & Garnet


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With bright sugarloaf garnet gems set in sterling silver, surrounded by a 14K gold bezel and hand-painted enamel, The Pop Studs by Alice Cicolini deliver even more than their name suggests. A pop of color, a flash of brilliance, and suddenly anything goes.

Sterling Silver
Cast signature alloy made with 100% reclaimed silver and presented in its warm, natural state

14K Gold
Cast signature alloy made with 100% reclaimed gold

Rodalite Garnet
The “rose among thorns,” this is the most prized garnet in a deep, pinkish red 

Hand-painted, highly durable, and finished to a high shine

Care & storage

To keep your Cast jewelry looking its best for years to come, please follow our Product Care instructions for the metals, gemstones, and materials used in your piece.

The Pop Stud

The Details

Portrait of Alice Cicolini. She has light eyes, fair skin, and long reddish hair. She is wearing a colorful dress with a 70s-era floral pattern, and is wearing several of her Mad Mod jewely peices.
In the Studio With

Alice Cicolini

Designer Alice Cicolini is a connoisseur of craft. Her jewelry is inspired by the sacred architecture and patterns of the Silk Road. She’s also worked with one of the last Jaipuri meenakari trained in the enamel traditions of Persia. Alice brings this expressive style to the Mod Collection, combining her brilliant enamel patterns with vibrant gemstones in a way no one else could.

Mad Mod

There’s something beautifully mad about Alice Cicolini’s rich patterns, pops of color, and juicy gems. It’s pure vibrancy wrapped in sterling silver and a touch of 14K gold.


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