Cast comeback

Trade In, Trade Up and Share More Stories

Cast jewelry is deigned to tell stories. And we know that stories, like fine wine, can change and evolve over time. The stories connected to your Cast pieces may change, too. So we created the Cast Comeback program. If there's a gem that's caught your eye and you're ready for new Cast story, maybe it's time for a Comeback. 

1. Sign up for Club Cast and create your Jewelry Box account before you purchase your Cast item or when you receive it a s gift. 

2. Within five years of the purchase of any Cast item, we will take it back from you so we can find it another home and a new story to share. You just need to have your original receipt or a Club Cast account dating to the time of the original purchase.  A bit of wear and tear is okay – we will care, repair, and polish the item as needed before passing it along to its new home.

3. Once we’ve receive the product, you will get a full credit for your original amount paid, which must be used to make a purchase of any new Cast item (or items) that total at least double the credit.  For example, if you bought a ring in 2021 for $1,000, we will take it back from you in 2024 and give you $1,000 credit towards a purchase of at least $2,000 in Cast jewelry. 

4. To participate in the program, contact us at to get your Cast Comeback form and instructions. 

5.That’s it.

Contact a Cast stylist at for any program questions.

Shipping fees and taxes are excluded from the value of the item and credit applied.

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