The Fresh Track Drop Studs

9K Gold & 1.05 CTW

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The Fresh Track Drop Studs are earrings with a bit of attitude. Each one features a channel of five sparkling Cast-created Fresh Diamonds™ set in Cat Gold™ (our custom 9K gold alloy). Wear this pair straight up or angled, alone or dramatically stacked. You can’t go wrong with bling designed to make a lighter impact on the planet (and your wallet).

Earring length is 21mm.


Cat Gold™ — custom 9K gold alloy
Nine karats of pure luxury made from 100% reclaimed gold that wears well and never wears off

Fresh Diamonds™ — custom 9K gold alloy
Cast-created diamonds are grown, not mined, to have a lighter impact on the planet

Care & storage

To keep your Cast jewelry looking its best for years to come, please follow our Product Care instructions for the metals, gemstones, and materials used in your piece.

The Fresh Track Drop Studs

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