Sharp Angles, Smooth Curves

Our signature Icon Collection by Alice Cicolini is defined by its knife's edge and delicate detail. It's a defiant classic with soft curves and sharp edges. Designed to shine at every angle.

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Alice Cicolini

London-based designer Alice Cicolini is an icon and storyteller at heart. Not only a jeweler, she’s a creative commissioner, art curator, and collaborator of some of the most innovative artists in the world. With a uniquely English spirit, she brings her passion for craft and artistry into every one of her pieces, creating bold, modern jewelry that honors the beauty and tradition of the past.


The Cast Icon

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An Icon

With every detail designed to catch the light, our signature Icon Collection is show-stopping at any angle.
Every signature link is is expertly hand-finished and polished into a knife’s edge with a gentle curve.
Our signature alloys are made with 100% recycled gold and silver.

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