Stone Cold Stunner

Turquoise is a powerful stone of balance, known for its ability to captivate and calm. Paired with diamonds and glittering gold in Earth’s most sacred shape, it’s the official talisman of the cool and collected.

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Lauren Harwell Godfrey

After 15 years in the advertising and culinary worlds, Lauren Harwell Godfrey turned her creative outlet into a bold line of fine jewelry with aesthetic roots in ancient textiles and ethnic patterns. From references to the Four Elements to block printing and weaving from cultures long ago, every handcrafted Harwell Godfrey piece brings a stunning sense of history to a modern day heirloom. Lauren lives in Marin County, CA with her family.

Summon a Little Magic

Known for bringing Earth’s elements into her pieces, Lauren Harwell Godfrey leaned into the natural strength of the hexagon.
Every turquoise stone is hand-selected and matched for its color and marbling to create the perfect union of materials.
Our signature 14k gold alloy is made with 100% reclaimed gold and every stone is ethically sourced.


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