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The sculptural detail of the knot captured in timeless gold. This woven iconic emblem of chic and effortless cool creates a silhouette like no other. A statement in the making.

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Windy Chien

For the first time ever, the queen of knots swaps her rope for silver and gold—weaving together a chic, effortless collection reflecting her singular artistry. 

Knots are Windy Chien's love language. She became fluent in 2016 when learning to make a new knot every day for 366 days [it was a leap year], documenting the journey along the way. The Year of Knots went viral and ever since, the San Francisco artist has been celebrated and sought after for her mesmerizing, hand-tied knot sculptures and large-scale installations. Now available in wearable works of art—an exclusive collaboration with Cast.


Knot Life

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The Artist Knot Pendant: Never Undone

A micro view of Windy's spectacular macro work, each stunning piece makes an artful statement all its own.
A hand-woven wonder expertly knotted in lustrous 14K gold mesh around a rich charcoal jade ring.
Our signature alloys are made with 100% reclaimed metals.

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