Flip on a whim

With its precision cut stones, pave diamonds, and an element of surprise, Francesca Villa's Italian Heist flips the script on statement pieces. Introducing the two-faced master of disguise.

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In the studio with

Francesca Villa

Francesca Villa is one of those awe-inspiring women who’s as wonderfully multifaceted as the pieces she designs. First inspired by her grandmother’s jewelry box — a worthy distraction from childhood piano lessons — Francesca is now one of Italy’s most beloved jewelry designers. Her style is defined by balancing innovation with joy, making her the perfect designer to bring to life a ring that is both a feat of engineering and an undeniable beauty.

Wonderfully Unpredictable

With precision-cut stones that transform on rotation, this is a true master of disguise.
The Swiss-designed capsa mechanism is engineered to allow for fluid movement that stops after each rotation.
Our signature alloys are made with 100% recycled gold and silver.

The Italian Heist

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